Albert and Charles Go to Work


After a long Christmas holiday, Albert the Assassinator Killer and Charles The Snitch returned to work.  Charles, a new employee, was to be trained by Albert to become Albert’s assistant.  As you can see, Albert and Charles are extremely proficient and need three computers to do their work.





As you can see, computer work is extremely tiring.  Here is Albert taking a little siesta, closely watched by Charles The Snitch.




And what is Albert doing on company time with company resources?  Where is The Snitch?





Where was The Snitch indeed!  It seems that Charles was taking notes on Albert’s activities.  Charles The Snitch, snitched!  Albert was fired!

Here is Albert The Assassinator preparing for the long journey home. 

What will happen next?  Will Albert return to his assassinator ways?  What will happen to Charles?  Will assassinate become a word he becomes intimately familiar with?  Who knows. 

Stay tuned for future adventures of Albert and Charles.

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