Chickens and Eggs

POTD_04Jan12_DSCF0193Our 5 chickens managed to produce 137 eggs during the month of December, which equals 4.419354838709677 per day.  I an very happy with this number, especially considering that it is winter and egg production sometimes suffers in colder weather.  It seems that the mix of spent beer grain, layer food, and some vegetable scraps are a good diet for the chickens.  I am sure that the outside light also helps.  The light is on from  6:30 AM to 10:15 PM.  There is a small 15 watt light in the coop that is also on during those hours.



As for treats, the picture on the right is of the chickens having some heart healthy Cheerios!  At first, they had no idea what do to with the cereal, but they really liked the Cheerios. 



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