POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1080We have had this orchid for about 10 years, and has finally decided to bloom.  While most of our other orchids have bloomed, this one never has, and I have no idea why.  I also have no idea why it has finally decided to bloom.  But, I am very pleased that we have not yet thrown it away, as has been discussed on numerous occasions.

Just finished another assignment in RSH9104MME – Mixed Methods ResearchPOTD_09Jan12_DSCF1082.  While the class has not been overbearingly difficult, I have been sick.  I caught a cold (or something) prior to Christmas break, which I thought I was over.  During the break however, I was once again sick and while it was not a bad cold, it was one of those colds that make it very difficult to think or concentrate.  I could not read or write, and could not complete any assignments.  Last week, maybe because of the cold, I was very tired and had a very difficult time at work and doing class.  This week though, I think I am finally over whatever it is that I had, and seem able to once again, write (and read).  

POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1084I have been receiving seed and gardening catalogs.  Even though I do not plant anything in the garden until 15 May, it is time to start thinking garden again.  I do need certain seeds to start indoors starting in February.  Some plants take up to 12 weeks prior to planting outside, and some, like cabbage and pansies, take 8 weeks.  So, spring is coming, and I am hopeful for an acceleration in global warming so all the plants don’t rot in the cold rain again.


A crappy picture of the ever elusive sun thing that occasionally shows up in these parts.

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