Sunshine and On to the Concept Paper

POTD_14Jan12_DSCF0206The past few days have been clear, and cold. Single digit temperatures  during the day, and a few degrees below zero at night, at first I was worried about the chickens.  However, the chickens are doing great, though they do look a bit ragged in the morning. 

The only thing that I am doing differently with the chickens is that I am feeding them an extra time during the night to ensure that they have a full crop when they go in to the coop to sleep.  No heat is being provided to the chickens, as they come with a nice down coat and are perfectly capable of surviving single digit above and below zero temperatures.  The coop is big, dry, and draft free, with adequate ventilation to eliminate excess moisture from regular chicken activities (like breathing and pooping, the two main activities of chickens).  Still getting large egg counts form the chickens also – another indication they are doing well in the low temperatures

Finished RSH 9103MME – Mixed Methods Research – today.  Submitted my final paper, and just waiting for a grade.  My next course is RSH 9104E – Concept Paper, and is the last “normal” course prior to comps and the dissertation sequence.  I came very close to withdrawing from 9104 and simply receiving another Masters, but have decided to continue towards my PhD (or EdD depending on how I structure my dissertation topic).  Sometimes, I just want to take a break and not have to worry about having to submit another assignment.  However, maybe with a bit better time management, I can have time to do the activities I want, and also have time for school.  So, depending on successfully passing comps, I will go on with the rest of the program.

Oh – I am picking my dissertation committee this week also – Fun times!

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