Charles The Snitch–Gets a New Job!

Party_27Jan12_DSCF0221Well, Charles The Snitch is leaving the school district.  Charles was offered, and accepted, a job with one of the State agencies.  So, the office decided to throw a little party for him.  Albert The Assassinator Killer, Little Al The Gunman, Cecil The Tooth, and Gimpy The Gimp all showed up to wish Albert good luck and to say good bye.




Little Al The Gunman brought some alcohol, in violation of school district policy, but no one seemed to mind, and soon things started to become a bit more fun.






As you can see, the office staff is very friendly, and with alcohol, really friendly.





Albert the Assassinator Killer has a drinking and sharing problem it seems.  In this candid image, you can see that he took all the booze for himself.




Gimpy The Gimp was not amused.  Though The Gimp only has one leg, and hence the moniker “The Gimp”, he is very mobile and agile.  He gimped over to Albert and took the booze back to share with the group.  Visibly upset, Albert went over to The Gimp, and a fight ensued.




The Gimp should have known that picking a fight with Albert is not a good idea.  Albert is called The Assassinator Killer for a reason.  Primarily because he is an Assassinator Killer.  Albert’s weapon of choice is a knife.  Albert, in a fit of rage pulled out his trusty Assassinator Killer Knife!





While the others watched, Albert hacked off The Gimp’s only leg!




 Party_27Jan12_DSCF0231As Cecil, Albert, Al, and Charles look on, The Gimp, now called Roly Poly because he can only roll around, rolled onto his stomach and died.   Or did he?

Hopefully, Roly Poly will find his other leg and with the help of medical innovations, get his leg back and once again live.

As for the fate of Albert The Assassinator Killer – As usual, he escaped and his whereabouts is unknown.

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