Nice Day in Juneau

POTD_04Feb12_DSCF1088It was a nice day in Juneau, with temperatures somewhere in the upper 30’s to lower 40’s. The chickens were happy and perching in the sun drying off after a long wet winter.  Tired after getting up early to cycling class, I decided that it was a nice enough day to drive out the road, and Albert and Little Al hitched a ride even though I made them leave their assassinator weapons at home.  The picture on the left is of Albert and Little Al soaking up the sun at Sunshine Cove. 



While I was going back to the car to put my camera away, some strange woman walked by and tried to kidnap Albert and Little Al.  However, because I had a picture of her, she put them back and both were able to return home unharmed.  Oddly, the stranger woman got in the car and came home with us also. 




This is one of my favorite views in Juneau.   Almost at the end of the road, when you turn the corner that leads to this straight piece of road, this mountain is framed between the trees.  You really cannot see how high the mountain is in the picture, but I like the picture anyway, so here it is.



Just thought I would throw an image in of Kowee Creek.  I thought the sun shining at the end of the creek was interesting.  The road leading to the creek was slick with a very thick, smooth layer of ice. 

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