Blueberry Mead–Update 1

Blurberry Mead Calc[1]

The image to the left is my final calculations for this batch of mead.  The calculator is available at, a mead site that contains quite a bit of very good information. 

I have decided to change my Blueberry Mead just a bit.  I have a couple of large primary fermenters, so I am going with an 8 gallon batch.  Actually, the batch will be between 7.5 and 8 gallons.  I also am beeping this batch in the 16 – 17% ABV range, a bit low for mead, but a level that I think makes this mead just a bit more accessible.  22%+ ABV is fun, but I want something I may actually like.  Then again, everyone loved my 22%+ ABV blueberry mead last time, so maybe this summer I will do a 23% mead and a lower ABV wine.

I transferred the mead to a 3 gallon carboy so it can continue fermenting.  I transferred the remaining liquid to a 7 gallon secondary, and added 5 pounds of blueberries, which I let ferment for 4 days.  Today, I added an additional 9 pounds 3 ounces of wildflower honey to the blueberry secondary.  I will let this sit for about 2 weeks, and then rack again.  I will also rack the 3 gallon batch to secondary.  I imagine I will bulk age for at least a year, and then bottle age for another year or so.  In the end I plan to combine the two batches for bottling.  What I figure I need now is a few 10 gallon secondary/aging fermenters for these batches.  Strange how you can always think of things to buy for wine/mead/beer making.

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