IMG_0217Finally, now that summer is almost over, and I start work in 16 days, we have started hiking again!  The image on the left is from East Glacier Trail in Juneau, AK.  It is a short, 3.5 mile loop (if you start where we start) that has an approximate elevation gain, as measured my my altimeter, of 679 feet. 

Though it was raining, the hike was pleasant.  One thing I love about hiking in the rain, is that there are no bugs out.  Additionally, all the tourists stay off the trail.  I am really happy that tourists come to Juneau and hike the local trails, but sometimes it is a pain to get around them.  When the tourists are in groups headed by a guide, and if the guide sees us, then things are fine as the guide asks the group to step off the trail until we pass.  However, if the guide does not see us, or if the tourists are alone, then things can get slow, as some people are either stupid, or because they are from larger cities, just plain rude. 

Look, a wet person and some Devils Club: 

IMG_0218      IMG_0223

The images above were taken on Saturday.

On Sunday, we went back to the East Glacier train and did the loop twice.  The first time we ran as much of it as possible (especially the downhill parts) and walked the second time around. 

I have very flexible ankles, thankfully.  On the way down the first time, by left foot bent inward so the side of the foot was on the ground.  That really hurt for a while.  On the way down the second time, by right foot did the same thing, but this time it bent inward enough to the top of my foot contacted a rock and left a huge bruise on the sop of my foot.  I actually thought I broke something for a few minutes.  But as usual when my ankle does something like this, all returned to normal after a while, and we continued our hike. 

So, about 10 or 11 miles this weekend.  Not a bad start.  Or actually, not a bad start if this were March!  Oh well, I am looking forward to a nice winter hiking season.

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