Canning Lima Beans

I love beans.  Any type of bean that is except black eyed peas that is.  One of the problems though is that when I make beans, I make a huge pot and I end up eating them in just a few days.  To remedy this issue, I have always thought about canning beans, and finally today, I made a batch of beans and canned them.  This is the first time that I have canned beans, so it is going to be interesting to see how they turn out.Cooking_08Nov12_DSC_1364

Simply to make, I soaked the beans while I was at work, rinsed them twice when I arrived home, and then simmered them for 30 minutes.  I used 4 pounds of dried lima beans, which made 18 one quart jars.  Each jar received 1/8 teaspoon of natural salt and a of bit pepper.


To can, I filled the jars to about an inch from the rim, heated the canner over the period of 25 minutes until the processor was venting properly.  I vented for 10 minutes and then processed at 10 pounds for 70 minutes.  After done, I allowed the canner to cool for an hour, and then took the jars out.  The last lid just popped, so all jars processed correctly.

Tomorrow, I plan to do navy beans.

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