Adventures in Canning – Chili

Cooking_November12_DSC_1385In the past few weeks I have canned 57 pints of various beans, and just completed canning 25 pints of chili and beans. I really do not have a defined recipe for the chili, it was simply a mixture of meat, beans, tomato sauce and paste, as well as spices.  I just eyeball everything and it usually tastes good. 

I will post the hot salsa recipe next week, as I need to can some more.


Recipe:  ChiliCooking_28Nov12_DSC_1437


2 pounds Pinto Beans
2 Pounds Ground Beef – extra lean
3 pounds Pork lion – extra lean
4 cans Tomato sauce
2 cans Tomato paste
Chili Powder
Seasoning salt
Hot Salsa – Homemade
Water – as needed to ensure beans rehydrate and to thin chili mixture.


1. Soak beans for 24 hours and rinse very well.
2. Brown meat and add all of the ingredients except the beans.  Simmer for an hour – let sit overnight (or not).
3. Combine rinsed beans with the chili mixture and heat until almost hot (or cold pack – up to you).
4. Place in pint jars leaving one inch head space. 
5. Slowly heat canner until it starts venting – I take about 40 or so minutes for this. 
6. Vent for 10 minutes.
7. Process at 10 pounds for 75 minutes.
8. You know the rest.

One thing I will do differently next time is not mix the beans with the chili prior to filling the jars.  In the future, I will add the beans to the jars, then add the chili mixture.  What I found is that the final 6 or so jars had too many beans and not enough meat.

An image of the 25 pints of chili – all sealed and ready to store:


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