Look!  A filthy stove!  Actually, this is my hops and amber malt extract that just got done boiling for an hour. 

I have enough wine and mead either bottled or ready to bottle, as well as wine kits, to make about 200 bottles of wine.  So, I decided that it was time to branch out and make something new.  One of the wine/mead books I have is Ken Schramm’s The Complete Meadmaker, and while browsing the book looking for other ideas, came upon a recipe that seemed like it would be an easy introduction to the making of a braggot.  So, off to the cooking store I went looking for supplies. 

At the store I decided that for my first attempt I would forego using whole grains and use a malt extract instead.  I chose to use an amber malt for this braggot (which I am having second thoughts about now), and am using  a clover honey from Costco.  I would really love to use another type of honey, but it is too expensive to get it shipped to Juneau and use it in the quantities I use yearly.  The Costco honey worked well with my blueberry mead, so it should work well here as also. Hopefully, anyway.


3.3 pounds Amber Malt Extract

2 ounces Cascade Hop Pellets

1o pounds Clover Honey

2 tsp. Yeast Nutrient

2 tsp. Yeast Energizer

5 grams Lalvin D-47 Yeast

Specific gravity was about 1.097, or an ABV of 13% or so.  I plan to carbonate it so only time will tell on this one. 

Some pics!  Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine in carboys; Yeast!; a really bad picture of the braggot in the primary:

Strawberry_Rhubarb_Wine_29Jul10_IMG_0243 Braggot_29Jul10_IMG_0239 Braggot_29Jul10_IMG_0240

I transferred my Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine to the secondary(s) yesterday.  There was so much crap, in the form of melted strawberry debris, in the primary that it was difficult to rack it pure, so I transferred the remaining liquid to a one gallon container to let both settle out.  I had the same issue with my blueberry wine and mead, where there were so many seeds that I ended up with a huge amounted of wasted wine.  I will re-rack in about 10 or so days when I see a good degree of settling.

The blueberry wine and mead were back-sweetened yesterday, and I must say that both are pretty good.  I have only been making wine for about a year and a half, so am not sure how home-made wine/mead ages for a long time when bottled.  But if it is anything like my kit wines that I have aged for 6 – 9 months, these two wines should be really great. I plan on bottling both on the 14th of August, which will be exactly one year from the date the yeast was pitched. 

In other wine news, I picked up an RJ Spagnols Grande Vieux Chateau du Roi kit today.  The description is:

The intense aroma of this BIG red features a complex mélange of ripe cherries, blackberries and bell peppers.

I will probably start the Roi next Monday. 

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