A New Beginning

House_July2013_DSC_1523We have moved!  After 35 years of living in Juneau, Alaska, we have moved to Caldwell Idaho.  Below are a few pictures of the house and surrounding area.  More pictures will appear in the coming weeks as things slow down a bit. 

Oh, the picture to the left is of one of the two barn cats we inherited with the property. They live outside and sleep in the garage. Their job is simply to protect us from mice – since I have not seen any mice, I guess they are working……………….

A few statistics:  The house is 2900 square feet on 2.67 acres of land.  Water is from a well on the property, and has the capacity to irrigate the entire acreage which we are going to do once our permit is approved.  There is a 3400 square foot shed (I will get pictures later of this), at the bottom of the property.  We are on a hill overlooking the town of Marsing and the Owyhee Mountains to the south, and to the east is Boise and the remaining Treasure Valley.  The house was built in 1976, with the upstairs being remodeled in 2002.  The downstairs is original with the exception of the paint.  The downstairs is a “daylight” basement, meaning that it is surrounded on three sides by dirt (though the two basement bedrooms have windows that open), with the front having access to the outside.  This keeps the basement quite cool even on 100+ degree days.  The house has 4 bedrooms and three baths, with a huge amount of in-house storage. 

Our plans for this summer and spring are to prepare a 1/2 plus acre vegetable garden for spring, prepare for 1/4 acre grapes, plant at least 12 fruit trees, and establish a 1 acre pasture area for 3 – 4 sheep, a steer, chickens, and some other type of eating critter(s). 

The Pictures:  A few views from the back deck where we have coffee in the morning and a glass of wine or two at night:


Sunrise from the east facing desk – our alternate morning coffee spot:


A few garden type photos to include:  Misty with a mornings supply of fresh apricots (she picked over 30 pounds when she was visiting), some grapes from our grape vines, and quail eggs from the resident quail (we have a huge supply of birds in the area):


Now, for some house shots – I will do more later as we clean things up a bit – the red carpet is from the basement and is designated in the original plans as a recreation room:


Stay tuned for more pictures as I take them. 

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